Mould Pressing Services

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DJmolding is a world-class provider of advanced plastic injection molding services. We offer a complete manufacturing solution that covers every aspect of raw material verification, tool making, part fabrication, finishing, and final inspection. Our international team of manufacturing experts is committed to providing you with the highest level of professional support for plastic injection molding services of any size or complexity.

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Injection Mould Design
The most important part of moulds is the design. We have years of experience in designin the most complex and intricate moulds, whether they be rotating cores, automatic slides, high cavitation moulds, hot runner moulds etc.
The latest in 3D engineering softwares are used to aid design and CAM programming.

Injection Mould Manufacturing
DJmolding specialises in the manufacture of both hot runner and cold runner injection moulding moulds. We have a full CNC tool room working 24 hours for manufacturing moulds.
All moulds are fully hardened and have a shot life of 4-6 million shots.

Moulds are supplied to all industries and leading brands in China and exported to USA, Asia, UK, Italy, Germany & Africa.

Injection Mould Repair
Since DJmolding has a world class tool room, we offer repair services for all kinds of moulds from China, India, Germany, and many other countries.

Moulds are flown in from across the country to be repaired by the highly skilled staff of our tool room in the quickest possible time working round the clock.

Family Injection Molds
Family injection molds are a popular manufacturing process for producing various plastic products. They enable the simultaneous creation of multiple parts, resulting in cost savings and increased efficiency. However, it is crucial to understand how family injection molds work, the types of products they are best suited for, and their advantages and disadvantages before deciding whether this manufacturing process suits your project.

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