customized high precision plastic injection molding

Best Top 10 Additive Contract Manufacturing And 3D Printing Companies In UK And Europe

Best Top 10 Additive Contract Manufacturing And 3D Printing Companies In UK And Europe

Additive manufacturing, otherwise known as 3D printing, is shaking things up in the manufacturing industry. Who would have thought it possible to develop such intricate designs and parts so quickly? Fortunately, the United Kingdom hosts several businesses providing this technology. From whence hails their knowledge? Today’s our lucky day; we’ll dive into the cream of the crop – Britain’s best ten additive manufacturing companies.

customized high precision plastic injection molding
customized high precision plastic injection molding


Renishaw is a renowned engineering company known across the globe whose headquarters are located in Gloucestershire, UK. This corporation has soared to take its place at the forefront of additive manufacturing for more than two decades and has played an integral role in metal 3D printing technological advancements. Their excellence spans different industries, such as aerospace, healthcare, and automotive, and they are trusted to deliver top-tier solutions on demand.

Renishaw’s mastery has allowed them to craft cutting-edge options suited for many sectors, including aerospace, healthcare, and automotive – all with high accuracy! Not only that, but their offerings also stretch from metal powders and machines tailor-made just right for any customer’s needs. Driven by innovation but underpinned by commitment, it’s no surprise that Renishaw stands tall as one of the industry leaders in the additive manufacturing sector – paving paths where none seemed possible before!

With a comprehensive selection of metal compounds & devices specially crafted to provide precision parts, this subdued giant amazes time & again!


3D Rapid Print

3D Rapid Print is an outfit that has been holding the fort in the UK additive manufacturing industry for quite some time now. Known for their cutting-edge industrial 3D printing machines, they offer excavated plastics and metals with superior quality. Catering to their customers’ diverse demands, 3D Rapid Print provides various materials and technologies.

Companies across the aerospace, automotive, and healthcare industries have welcomed these groundbreaking solutions from 3D Rapid Print to help them rank higher than ever in competition. Plus, due to its exceptional tech and trailblazing approach, businesses looking to improve their production processes find faith in this reputed company.



3Dealise, a remarkable Belgian company, is widely admired for its trailblazing contributions to the UK’s additive manufacturing industry. Their repertoire of incomparable software solutions – specially curated for 3D printing featuring design optimization, simulation, and data preparation, coupled with their unbeatable 3D printing services – sets them apart as an unparalleled partner to many companies in the UK.

Offering a vast selection of materials and technologies that adapt to different applications, 3Dealise always remains a dependable ally for businesses interested in incorporating additive manufacturing into their workflow. They have earned the trust and respect of several British organizations thanks to their pioneering success in this field – no doubt they remain at the cutting edge of innovation when it comes to advancing the world of additive manufacturing.


3T Additive Manufacturing

3T Additive Manufacturing is renowned for its global leadership in additive manufacturing, stepping up as a front-runner in the UK market and becoming the go-to choice for companies seeking high-precision plastic parts. Boasting an impressive range of 3D printers across all industries – from aerospace to automotive and even consumer goods – they’ve certainly shaken up the product development game.

Taking it one step further, 3T Additive Manufacturing has added cutting-edge software tools and materials to their fleets that support your entire 3D printing workflow. All this innovation has earned them a reputation as pioneers on the AM scene – leading with quality whether you’re looking to streamline production or create intricate, functional prototypes like a dream—no wonder they remain at the top of our minds when transforming how we make things.



HP is a world-renowned tech giant that recently stunned the 3D printing community with its cutting-edge Multi Jet Fusion technology. This revolutionary invention revolutionized the industry by providing high speeds and unparalleled precision for functional parts production! It is not limited to automotive, healthcare, and consumer goods; its solution has found usage in many other domains, making quite an impression everywhere.

HP’s groundbreaking innovations, coupled with top-notch quality, have helped them establish themselves as one of the prime brothers in the UK additive manufacturing arena, raising the bar exceptionally high for competition. Its Multi Jet Fusion breakthrough sets new standards in 3D printing, allowing HP to grow tremendously, proving its dedication to rolling out groundbreaking inventions and striving for excellence.



Protolabs is one of the best in digital manufacturing, especially in the UK. They’re the real deal regarding rapid prototyping and low-volume production using cutting-edge 3D printing techniques like SLS (selective laser sintering) and SLA (stereolithography). With a keen eye for detail and immense additive production know-how, they can develop quality parts at an affordable price in no time. You won’t find better.



Xaar, renowned for revolutionizing industrial inkjet technology and 3D printing, rocked the world with its awe-inspiring High-Speed Sintering (HSS) technology. This pioneering approach allows them to create functional parts from polymer powders like nobody’s business! From the auto industry to aerospace to consumer goods–Xaar’s groundbreaking additive manufacturing solutions have earned them a top spot as one of the UK’s most reputable AM companies – no small feat.


3T Additive Manufacturing

With a team of pros at the helm, 3T Additive Manufacturing is the go-to place for everything within additive manufacturing. From metal and plastic 3D printing to design optimization and material selection! The UK-based titan has its fingers in many pies, from aerospace to automotive and medical. Every stone is turned on to ensure they provide top-notch services across all industries.


AG Prototypes

AG Prototypes is no slacker in the UK 3D printing realm; they’re renowned for their top-tier metal additive manufacturing technologies. From laser powder bed fusion to metal deposition, AG Prototypes has everything – esquire and rockstar roll into one! Whether you’re talking aerospace, healthcare, or automotive, AG Prototypes is a recognized name for using AM solutions confidently and advancing a business’s capabilities beyond expectations. Countless companies across the British Isles have benefitted from this massive player in the industry… something nobody can deny.



DJMolding is a respected leader in the UK’s additive manufacturing. They’re renowned for their 3D printing services, which are custom-designed to the needs of industries like automotive, aerospace, and medical. No wonder they’re making waves – DJ has invested heavily in state-of-the-art equipment and assembled an experienced team of professionals defined by dedication to achieving high-quality results. Additionally, with services ranging from rapid prototyping or production-grade parts to end-use components, they have secured their position as one of the superstars in top-tier additive printing solutions.

The company didn’t get where it was overnight. However – As soon as customers began rewarding them with loyalty for providing unbeatable service innovation and customer satisfaction, they proved themselves worthy of leading a revolution within 3D printing solutions! Consequently, now more than ever, the team is desperate to stay ahead, so they are actively pushing boundaries by exploring new technologies and refining processes accordingly, meaning businesses can feel confident entrusting their projects into responsible hands here at DJMolding.

customized high precision plastic injection molding
customized high precision plastic injection molding


There’s no denying that Britain is blessed with several stellar additive manufacturing companies. They innovate and generate astonishing advances in heavy industry areas like aerospace, auto, and medicinal services. Of course, they guarantee top-notch technologies, a feature for their redoubtable clients! These premium 10 UK firms have nailed it when it comes to being trendsetters – they’ll stay ahead of the curve as far as Future of Manufacturing goes.

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