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Best Top 10 Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturers And Companies In USA For Plastic Parts Manufacturing

Best Top 10 Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturers And Companies In USA For Plastic Parts Manufacturing

Plastic injection molding is nothing new; manufacturers have been using this process to pump out various products for years. Covering the United States, there’s no shortage of plastic injection molders capable of producing top-notch goods.

Below, we’ll explore the ten most prominent providers in the U.S., touching on their extensive experience, quality assurance, and total customer approval guarantee. Whether you need large-scale or small production efforts, these manufacturers will cover all your beloved plastic injection dreamscapes.

Small Batch Plastic Parts Manufacturing And Small Run Injection Molding Companies
Small Batch Plastic Parts Manufacturing And Small Run Injection Molding Companies

Proto Labs 

Proto Labs takes pride in offering an unbeatable range of services, from rapid prototyping to low-volume productions. They are revered for producing plastic parts of the highest standard with red-hot turnarounds because they boast advanced technology and automated systems.

Trusted by industries like aerospace, automotive, medical, and consumer products alike, their true brilliance lies in constructing complex geometries and tight tolerances using engineering-grade resins that guarantee precision and resilience- not to mention meet (and often exceed) customer expectations!

From quality control to inventive solutions, it’s no wonder why this well-oiled team repeatedly tops the leaderboard of plastic injection molders worldwide!


Xcentric Mold & Engineering 

Xcentric Mold & Engineering has made a name for itself as a well-respected plastic injection molding company in the U.S.A. They excel at providing top-of-the-line services from rapid prototyping to bridge tooling solutions and everything in between – all with an unrelenting dedication to fulfilling each customer’s unique needs immediately.

This ice cream float of great value features an expertly crafted team, Helm, who take special care in making sure every single one of their projects gets off the ground without a hitch by utilizing cutting-edge techniques within injection molding!

Xcentric Mold & Engineering’s ability to ensure designs reach the pinnacle regarding manufacturability and cost operation matters more than ever. Their coaches have been deployed on many projects, ensuring costs don’t skyrocket while quality remains second to none throughout the process.

But this isn’t where they drew the line: design assistance, material selection, assembly – you name it! — is also included in X.M.E. package deal.


EVCO Plastics

EVCO Plastics is a one-stop shop for plastic injection molding, boasting facilities all over the States that can easily take your project from start to finish.

They expertly meander through every process step so you don’t have to—from design help and toolmaking to injection molding, assembly tasks, and post-production operations.

And it all, regardless of your industry–automotive, healthcare, industrial, or consumer products–EVCO Plastics can handle it all!

Their cutting-edge procedures combined with state-of-the-art machinery guarantee even challenging parts like those with high precision demands will be created expediently and accurately.


Rodon Group 

The Rodon Group is no ordinary plastic injection molding manufacturer – they sit at the top of the proverbial mountain due to their extensive know-how and knack for high-volume production. Specializing in everything from design assistance to mold making and assembly, they’ve covered you from A to Z, serving various industries, including medical and consumer products and construction.

Let’s not forget their state-of-the-art facility, which is geared up with cutting-edge machinery so even the most skillful task can be completed with a precise flourish!


Crescent Industries 

Crescent Industries is your go-to plastic injection molding manufacturer for cutting-edge solutions from design to production. Offering services like product development, mold making, assembly, and packaging, they’ve got everything you need, plus a team of seasoned engineers who lend their expertise to design optimization and material selection for unrivaled performance across multiple industries, including medical, aerospace, automotive and consumer goods – Crescent doesn’t mess around!


Stack Plastics

Stack Plastics is a first-rate plastic injection molding manufacturer that rocks at custom molding and contract manufacturing. They’ve got all the bells and whistles for services – from design advice to top-notch mold making, reliable injection molding, and even entire assembly.

This powerhouse serves up solutions for many industries, from medical grade parts in their certified cleanroom facility to automotive and consumer products that require accuracy and precision every time. One of the leading names in quality assurance – everybody’s talking about Stack Plastics.



ICOMold is an ultra-dependable injection molding producer that provides wallet-friendly solutions for prototypes and manufacturing. Their services are on point – 3D printing, C.N.C. machining, injection molding, and assembly – covering various sectors, from automotive to medical devices to consumer goods. On top of it all, their engineers ensure your design is streamlined perfectly for maximum affordability.


Plastic Molding Manufacturing

Plastic Molding Manufacturing is a stellar plastic injection mold generator renowned for providing everything you need from start to finish. It’s more than just your run-of-the-mill services like product development, mold making, injection molding, and packaging – they assemble it all superbly and with an eye for detail unmatched in the industry!

Every project reaps the benefit of their highly experienced engineering squad, promising quality and efficiency. It makes them an invaluable partner to work with across various industries such as automotive, electronics, medical devices, or consumer goods.


R.S.P., Inc.:

R.S.P., Inc. is a dependable go-to for plastic injection molding, providing customized and contracted manufacturing services. With design help, machinery, injection molding, assembly, and packaging – all covered – they offer industry-specific solutions with an ace team of engineers dedicated to optimizing designs for cost-effectiveness and manufacturability.

Their value-added feature includes pad printing, ultrasonic welding, and superior laser marking that surpass customer expectations.



DJMolding is the leading name in plastic injection molding, offering services like custom-made plastic parts, rapid prototyping, and tooling design. They’ve made a big impression by manufacturing the highest quality plastic components that work with industries like automotive, electronics, medical, and consumer goods. Outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment and an army of experienced engineers ready to deploy – precision and effectiveness are standard here!

From start to finish, DJMolding covers it all. For ultimate convenience, they offer value-added extras like assembly assistance packing precautions and even take on the logistics manager role if required by their clients.

All this is from one of the most trusted names in American molded plastics. What’s more? Every task completed promises to surpass expectations each time, so business goals are always met.

Small Batch Plastic Parts Manufacturing And Small Run Injection Molding Companies
Small Batch Plastic Parts Manufacturing And Small Run Injection Molding Companies

Wrapping Up

To put it plainly, the top 10 plastic injection molding providers in the US provide exemplary services and knowledge unequivocally. These companies are successful veterans of manufacturing first-rate products and satisfying clients’ requirements without fail. Whether you order a mammoth shipment or only want a little bit, these specialist firms possess what it takes to fulfill your requirements competently.

Harnessing elevated technology combined with high-flying employees suggests that when you employ them for your plastic injection molding needs, they will take care of everything swiftly and precisely.

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