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Things to know about on-demand manufacturing services

Things to know about on-demand manufacturing services

On-demand manufacturing services have certainly changed commercial production processes. It offers so many benefits for businesses. Rather than rely on the traditional model, businesses can easily increase revenue and efficiency with this option. While it offers a lot of opportunities to manufacturers, many business leaders are still hesitant to use this production model to drive efficiency and increased revenue.

Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) Injection Molding And LSR Injection Moulding
Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) Injection Molding And LSR Injection Moulding

What does on-demand manufacturing mean?

On-demand manufacturing is a new industrial production system. It involves a situation whereby manufacturers make products based on customer requests. When a manufacturer offers on-demand services, it means that they produce their products according to unique specifications from the customer. This service also works to fulfill the required timeline and quantity. This form of manufacturing is similar to custom or cloud manufacturing. It is a production model that differs from the legacy manufacturing method. In the traditional model, goods are produced and stored in the warehouse.


Companies have more flexibility when ordering goods

With on-demand manufacturing services, companies have the flexibility to order products according to their needs. You will be able to precisely order products based on the requirements. This means that smaller companies can order goods based on their scale with an increase in the cost of production. With traditional manufacturing models, companies are unable to place orders for small volumes.


Available smart production machines make the production of goods possible

On-demand manufacturing services is made possible by the availability of smart production machines. Manufacturers can use 3D printing, CNC machining, and so on to produce various parts without the need to re-arrange the machine. Due to these machines, manufacturers can easily produce small product batches without spending too much money on production.


Practical product customization options for customers

With on-demand manufacturing services, manufacturers can meet custom product orders from different customer. This means that they can easily customize each order no matter how complex each specification may look. Which is why this production model is more beneficial over the traditional option. A lot of industries like the healthcare sector make use of the on-demand production model. This is due to the ability of this model to meet a wide range of medical requirements.


Reduce a significant part of your warehousing and storage costs

On-demand manufacturing services help manufacturers to cut back on their production costs. Since it involves producing goods according to the quantity needed, there will not be any need to provide warehouse facilities for product storage. However, the traditional manufacturing model is driven by market demand. This means that businesses are motivated to produce more goods than usual to generate more revenue. However, such a large-scale production system will require that a warehouse be provided to help store the goods. Also, companies may lose a significant part of their production capital if they are not able to sell all the goods at the required time.


An opportunity for more small- and medium-scale companies to open up shop

On-demand manufacturing services create an opportunity for both small- and medium-scale companies to establish their brands. Traditional manufacturing models usually involve large set-up costs.  However, the on-demand manufacturing model is a cost-effective option since it allows for small batches to be produced at lower costs. This is why many small- and medium-scale manufacturers will always meet the demands of their customers inspired by changing market needs.


A product of advanced technological solutions

Without the considerable evolution of technology, there wouldn’t be on-demand manufacturing services. On-demand manufacturing services providers have access to modern technology which makes them meet the demands of their customers. Access to suitable technology means that manufacturers have the operational capacity to meet all the needs of their customers. Many production technologies help manufacturers to accelerate the time it takes to launch the product in the market. On-demand manufacturing services are possible due to the innovation in the manufacturing industry. There is a long list of advanced machines that are compatible with on-demand production services. Manufacturers can take advantage of this to improve their production capacity.


On-demand manufacturing services need specialized machines

On-demand manufacturing services are driven by advanced technology. This is why manufacturers will usually require specialized manufacturing machines for the production of goods. The CNC machine is the most commonly used technology in this part of the industry. The machines are known to produce products to exact design specifications from customers. Another type of machine used in this manufacturing model are 3D printers. This machine works by using an innovative technology that enables fast production of goods in small batches. 3D printing helps improve design efficiency and increase product accuracy.


Faster turnaround time for all manufacturing facilities

The on-demand production option helps to increase product turnaround time. This is because all goods are produced within a single production system with smaller quotations which helps to reduce lead times. Due to advanced technology, on-demand manufacturers can easily get orders delivered within some days because they can use CAD models to instantly meet customer design needs. But in the case of traditional manufacturing, companies can spend weeks or months trying to meet the customer’s requirements.


Market testing helps drive successful product adaptation

One of the benefits of on-demand manufacturing services is that manufacturers get the chance to receive useful customer feedback. They usually learn from the insights obtained from the feedback to help adapt the next production batch to the customer’s needs. This model supports market testing, which is highly beneficial for manufacturing facilities whose product designs are driven by customer demands.


Can help enhance product quality

On-demand manufacturing services can easily improve product quality. This is because small-scale manufacturing companies have access to the recommended technology needed to produce these goods. Rather than outsource the production process (due to its large volume), they can handle the full workflow by themselves. This helps to increase the design precision of the final products. This leads to a drastic reduction in product flaws that would have occurred if the production was outsourced to a third-party facility.

Automotive Plastic Components Injection Molding Manufacturer
Automotive Plastic Components Injection Molding Manufacturer

Can be applied in different industries

The on-demand manufacturing services have a wide area of application. This means that businesses have the opportunity to deliver quality products to various industries. Some of the industries that rely on this production model include aerospace, automotive, healthcare, robotics, and ecommerce.

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