Low Volume Plastic Injection Moulding Companies China

An ABC guide to on demand injection molding for low volume plastic parts manufacturing

An ABC guide to on demand injection molding for low volume plastic parts manufacturing

An on demand injection molding is a useful production process whereby the manufacturer produces specific products based on the request of the customer. This is a custom production operation that is only executed after a customer must have placed an order. It is a production model that benefits the manufacturer in so many ways. For example, in this type of production process, the manufacturer won’t need big storage facilities due to low inventory. Another good reason many manufacturers prefer on demand injection molding is because there will not be any occurrence of product excesses or deficits.

Low Volume Plastic Injection Moulding Companies China
Low Volume Plastic Injection Moulding Companies China

The process of producing goods through injection molding

In the manufacturing industry, the injection molding process is a very useful way of quickly producing different goods. In this form of production, the materials are forced into molds through an injection device. They are then cooled in these molds to produce the product. This operation method can also be used to produce parts of products or machines. This is a process that is executed by melting material pellets in a container and injecting the molten material into a mold. The mold comes with an internal cavity that is used to hold the molten material. When the molten substance cools off, it hardens to take the shape of the cavity. The injection molding is an industrial process with adequate versatility used for large volumes of products. It is used to produce both simple and very complex products.


On demand injection molding and the manufacturing industry

The Injection molding technology was first used in the traditional manufacturing operation. It is still being used, but due to the availability of new technology, customers can easily demand custom products be made for them. This is the meaning of the “on demand.” It is usually executed after the customer has placed an order. This production model is usually carried out with the use of elaborate technology. There are usually central digital platforms whereby manufacturers rely on to streamline the entire process. These digital platforms have been configured to handle the entire product design, order, management, and manufacturing processes. On demand injection molding supports the production of small quantities of new products for prototyping. It also supports these products to be easily customized according to the needs of the customer. In addition, it can also be used to produce large volumes of custom products according to the needs of the customer. Many manufacturers find this type of manufacturing model to be highly flexible. This means that it is a cost-effective model over the traditional manufacturing process.


Market dynamics and the need for custom products for the customers

As more businesses and startups become established, there is a need for products to be produced on demand. The rise of ecommerce has prompted so many brands and businesses to want to sell their products to cash in on the billion-dollar ecommerce industry. This is why many customers will usually ask for small- and large-volume custom products. This shift in the market and consumer demands has led to increasing dependence on the on-demand injection molding operation. Modern customers (individuals or businesses) prefer for their products to be unique and personalized. This is why they usually rely on on-demand manufacturing to get the right product configuration that they need. This production model is highly flexible and can provide the fast adjustment needed to meet the ever-dynamic demands in the marketplace.


Technology is one of the principal drivers of on demand manufacturing

On demand injection molding is a part of a bigger industry in the marketplace. This form of production makes it possible for customers to quickly get custom products in the fastest time. One of the main drivers of this innovative model is the availability of modern technology. It is usually executed with the use of elaborate digital platforms. This is an online marketplace whereby customers place their orders and the manufacturer proceeds to work on the designs to the production stage. Customers can easily upload their product designs onto the portal. They can then get an instant quotation report from the manufacturer as soon as possible. If they agree with the quotes, they can then proceed to place their orders. Thanks to the on demand injection molding technology, manufacturers can easily reduce the time taken to make the products. This is not easily available with the traditional manufacturing method.

Low Volume Plastic Injection Moulding Companies China
Low Volume Plastic Injection Moulding Companies China

Some quick facts about on demand injection molding

Makes use of many materials: The on demand injection molding process can yield high-quality injection parts that are a result of a precise and efficient process. Manufacturers have the option to work with a diverse collection of industrial materials and not just plastics alone.


The best mould materials for large scale production: On demand injection molding works for large-volume production. But you will want to use steel molds for this. Experiments have revealed that the most cost-effective molds to use are those made out of aluminium. The aluminium molds can be used to produce 10,000 to 999,999 products or parts.


Supports large-volume production: On demand injection molding is usually used with small-volume production. However, you can use this production model to produce very large volumes of materials. It is more important to state that all the products and parts will be consistent in terms of shapes, sizes, and specifications. Then again, you have a limitless collection of mold material that you can use for the mold.


Supports all production sizes: The on demand injection molding process can be used for several types of production models. If you are looking to produce a one-off prototype, then you can use this technology. In addition, it helps businesses to produce low volumes of certain products or goods.

Great for private label businesses: Many private label businesses will find this manufacturing model highly useful and effective to their business operations. This means that they can meet an on demand injection molding company to mass produce products for them with their labels and logos. These will then be shipped to the customer for onward marketing and selling.


Great for ecommerce brands and new startups: Many ecommerce businesses and startups that are yet to have their manufacturing facility can rely on this manufacturing model. This ensures that they meet their customers’ needs without having their production facility.


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