customized high precision plastic injection molding

Know all about the aluminum injection molding cost and how to buy the product

Know all about the aluminum injection molding cost and how to buy the product

The aluminum injection molding is among the most used technologies in the manufacturing industry. This is a production equipment that is highly suitable for mass production of a wide array of identical plastic products. Injection molds made from aluminum always produce standard outputs within very tight tolerances. In addition, this technology is very cost-effective and manufacturers use it repeatedly to produce large batches of high-precision parts.

customized high precision plastic injection molding
customized high precision plastic injection molding

Estimating the cost of aluminum injection molding

The aluminum injection molding is known to accelerate the plastic production process because of its ability to easily transfer heat. Many manufacturers are usually curious about aluminum injection molding costs. The main cost factor in this equipment is the mold itself. Known as the tooling cost, it is the monetary amount needed to design and build the mold. This cost is calculated while considering several factors:

  • The amount of plastic products that it will be required to produce at once (production volume)
  • The complexity of the product design
  • The material used for making the mold (In this case, it is aluminum)
  • And the process used for producing the aluminum injection mold.


When it comes to the cost of aluminum injection molds, it can vary based on several factors. You can get the simple aluminum molds for several hundred dollars. However, if you need high-volume aluminum injection molds for your business, it could cost anything like $100,000 or more. When you are trying to start your plastic production business, it makes great sense to choose aluminum injection molding. But you will have to know the costs involved in acquiring this production technology for your business. The aluminum injection molding usually has a fixed startup cost. However, the ongoing variable costs can be low because of the minimal cost of thermoplastics, reduced labour, and shorter cycle times.


Saving production costs with aluminum injection molding

While your aluminum injection molding may have an initial startup cost, it comes with very low variable costs. This means that as you use the equipment, it reduces your operational costs. This happens when you make the process more efficient. In addition, you save costs when the cost of producing one part is reduced especially with higher volume production runs. This is possible because the production costs are effectively distributed across several parts.


The types of costs involved in aluminum injection molding

To properly estimate the aluminum injection molding cost, you have to understand the process involved. It takes a lot of analysis to be able to estimate the costs involved in using this production equipment. This is the cost breakdown for the production equipment:

The cost of the equipment: The injection molding machine comes in different sizes. This can range from smaller desktop devices to large industrial machines that are operated by several people. This means that you can get the smaller machines for several hundred dollars. Larger industrial aluminum injection machines can cost between $50,000 and $200,000. In addition, large industrial machines will also need custom factory requirements which cost more money.


The cost of the molds: The aluminum injection molding comes with mold costs which are usually the most costly in the production equipment. When it comes to the costs of making an aluminum molds, it has to be estimated based on the method. There are currently three primary methods of making aluminum injection molds. These are:

  • CNC machining: The CNC machine is a regular in producing aluminum injection molding due to their high levels of precision. Using CNC machines can be expensive because it needs a dedicated space and a skilled workforce.
  • Electrical discharging machine: With the EDM method, you can easily produce complex aluminum injection molds. This machine helps create molds that are practically not possible with standard machining processes. The use of EDMs to produce aluminum injection molds can be really expensive.
  • 3D printing: This is a powerful technology that can be used to produce aluminum injection molds. It accelerates the mold production process and is usually a low-cost option. A typical 3D printer for producing aluminum injection molds would cost several thousand. An aluminum injection mold suitable for medium-volume production runs (between 1000 and 5000 units) can be between $2,000 and $5,000. However, more complicated molds for larger production runs (over 10,000 units) can be between $5,000 and $100,000.


The cost of the material injected

To properly estimate the cost of an aluminum injection molding, you will still have to factor in the cost of the injected material. When it comes to the molten material, there are a wide range of plastics that can be used. This is usually dependent on the nature of the final product. Based on the chosen material, the cost of buying molding materials can differ. The thermoplastic pellets needed for this come at an average price of about $1 to $5 per kilogram. The total cost of material in this case is based on the model design, the chosen material, and the quantity of materials used during the injection process.

Cost of service or labour

When it comes to the aluminum injection molding, there are some costs involved in the setup. This labour cost can be broken down into the monitoring, the repair, and the configuration/setup costs. If the product is been manufactured in-house, it is calculated together as labour costs. If a business outsources the plastic injection molding process, they are usually charged for service costs.


How to buy an aluminum injection molding machine

If you want to buy an aluminum injection molding machine, you will need to consider several factors. There are several steps involved when you need to buy this machine. These include:

  • What you need: Determine the type of machine you need which should be in line with your production requirements. Look for an available machine in the market that is similar to what you need.
  • The machine cost: The aluminum injection molding cost is determined by several things. The size of the type that you need will determine the total cost of the machine you choose.
  • Choose a good supplier: There are many suppliers of the aluminum injection molding machine. Choose the best supplier and contact them.
  • Inspection and purchase: If you have contacted the supplier, you may then visit them to inspect the machine. If you like it, then you can choose to purchase it right then.
customized high precision plastic injection molding
customized high precision plastic injection molding

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