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Some important advantages of on-demand manufacturing that we all need to know about

Some important advantages of on-demand manufacturing that we all need to know about

The on-demand manufacturing model has revolutionized the entire manufacturing industry. It is several times more efficient than the traditional model. This is why smart businesses are leveraging the innovative production model to drive their market visibility and growth. Analysis of the current market climate shows that this innovative production model may be more beneficial than we give it credit for. So, we scoured the global manufacturing market to see what companies are currently enjoying from this model. This post presents some important advantages of on-demand manufacturing.

automotive plastic components injection molding manufacturing process
automotive plastic components injection molding manufacturing process

An overview of on-demand manufacturing

This is a new model of manufacturing whereby goods are produced according to the customer’s requests. It is important to note that this manufacturing model usually supports quick product customization. This means that a customer can order as many as 100 variants of a similar product. It is usually driven by technology as so many on-demand production workflows are fully automated. Businesses that use this production model enjoy a lot of advantages.


Some important advantages of on-demand manufacturing

The on-demand manufacturing process is very different from the traditional method. This is why many small- and medium-scale businesses prefer this production model. When compared to the usual model, it is seen that it comes with various benefits. These are some of the most important advantages of the on-demand manufacturing services:

Market testing: On-demand services make it possible for manufacturers to get instant feedback about their processes. This means that they get instant feedback from customers and adjust their workflows to enhance the next product batch. This is why this production model is highly suitable for businesses that are centred around the customer. In the same way, you as a new business can test out your product before launching it.


Absence of minimum order requirements: There is simply no restriction on the minimum number of items that you can order with this manufacturing model. This means that you can easily order low-volume batches. It is a major advantage for small businesses and start-ups that do not have the capital to meet certain MOQ requirements. This manufacturing model helps your business to grow without the pressure of ordering way too many products than you need. It helps your business to scale easily as it continues to meet the demands of its customers.


Low cost of inventory: With on-demand manufacturing, businesses will not need storage spaces and warehouses. This means that they can save a lot of cost on inventory. You only get to manufacture a product batch whenever you need them. This will stop you from budgeting money for inventory management and warehousing. It is a form of manufacturing model that supports and guarantees zero inventory.


Avoid having idle goods in the warehouse: Apart from avoiding inventory costs, the on-demand model helps you to not have idle goods in the warehouse. With no inventory, it means that you do not have your capital held up somewhere in the form of a dusty product still in the warehouse. Also, you will avoid having leftover products in the warehouse, which can get damaged and become useless.


No need to source raw materials: On-demand manufacturing supports a ready-made production model that works to quickly deliver your product. This is the right production model for businesses that need their goods delivered on time. You don’t have to search the entire location for suitable raw materials. Simply log onto a platform and place your order to get it at the expected time.


Get easy product customization: This manufacturing model allows the customer to customize the product according to their requirements. Since the customers have access to the platform, they can easily change the configuration of the product whenever they wish. In addition, they can also design their products to be different from other competitors in the market. Moreover, the opportunity to customize products makes it easy for businesses to easily brand the items in their colours and logo.


No need to waste time on the production process: The on-demand manufacturing model is very efficient when it comes to time. This means that customers do not have to wait long for each batch to be delivered. The quick turnaround time means that customers can place orders for variants of a product and get them all on time.


Help businesses innovate with their products: The on-demand production model allows businesses to easily upgrade their products. This means that you can choose to change your product specifications – a suitable deviation from other products in the market. This is because the process allows for products to be customized easily. With this manufacturing process, you can easily produce as many variants of a particular product as possible.


Your products have a higher quality: Compared to traditional manufacturing methods, this model has better quality control. This is because the products are produced in small batches. As such, the quality department has the ability and the tools to inspect and monitor the products. They use a wide range of industrial quality checks and inspections to ensure that all products/batches meet the required quality.


Streamline your production workflow: The on-demand manufacturing model allows brands and businesses to streamline their operations. If your business has too many objectives to meet with its marketing operations, you can easily outsource the production of the goods to third-party manufacturing companies. When you outsource this manufacturing process, it frees up your in-house workforce to focus on other business activities like marketing, promotions, sales, and maintenance.


No more markdowns for your business: Many businesses that rely on the traditional production model usually mark down their orders. This is because there are usually leftover products from the previously ordered batch. The on-demand manufacturing model will help businesses avoid markdowns. Businesses who usually mark down their orders damage their reputations without knowing.


Avoid losing money: Businesses that use the mass production model usually experience huge financial losses. If you use mass production methods, you are forced to push your sales by offering promotions and discounts. In most cases, the goods stored in the warehouse means that the capital is tied down somewhere.

automotive plastic components injection molding manufacturing process
automotive plastic components injection molding manufacturing process

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