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Some on-demand manufacturing examples to explain the process of plastic parts manufacturing

Some on-demand manufacturing examples to explain the process of plastic parts manufacturing

Traditional manufacturing models have been able to help many businesses to grow and develop. However, technology has given way to a new model of producing goods in large volumes. While the world benefited from the traditional model, it soon found out that it also comes with so many drawbacks. Ever since the on-demand manufacturing model was introduced, more businesses have chosen this option over the legacy production processes. With this post, we will try to present some accurate on-demand manufacturing examples. These examples have been selected carefully to highlight the benefits of this production model.

automotive plastic parts injection molding suppliers
automotive plastic parts injection molding suppliers

Driving the on-demand production business in the industrial sector

In the current business world, customers want their products to be delivered to perfection and on time. They also want unique products to be able to cater to the different segments of the markets. The main drivers of this production model are customization, speed, and precision. This is why customers will always rely on it to meet a wide spectrum of tastes and preferences with their customers. This post is used to demonstrate accurate on-demand manufacturing examples across different business verticals. With these examples, we show how this innovative manufacturing model continues to empower businesses and reshape industries.


Some good examples of on-demand manufacturing services

On-demand manufacturing examples help us to understand how this new type of production model works. When it comes to the industry, there are several ways that businesses are using technology to meet the needs and preferences of a wide customer base. Some of the following are elaborate examples of this manufacturing model:


3D machines used for real-time printing of designs

Many businesses have benefited from the use of 3D machines to meet customer requirements. This is a type of production model that makes prototyping and sample presentations very fast and easy. The technology can also be used to meet the custom needs of each customer. It works with a wide range of materials and many industries use the technology to produce small- and large-volume products.


CNC machining is used for producing all types of steel products

The CNC machine is a computer-controlled production machine. Many businesses have this equipment that can be used to produce several parts. This machine is used very well in the mechanical industry. It is also used in the production sector to produce custom machine parts. The CNC machine is a very versatile equipment that can produce a wide range of custom tools used for many purposes.


Injection moulding is used for producing plastic products

Injection moulding is a great equipment that can be used to produce special products. It is used by large-scale enterprises use this machine to produce different forms of plastic products and parts. One of the benefits of this on-demand manufacturing model is that it has a quick turnaround time.


Sheet metal for fabricating numerous metallic parts

This type of production machine is used by companies that offer on-demand manufacturing services. You can use it to produce custom parts of any metal. The machine can be used to bend and cut a metallic component to produce smaller parts. It is a great equipment when it comes to the general assembly process of metallic products. It is especially used for assembling a large product made from several smaller parts.


Using print-on-demand services for large-scale apparel production

These days, it is common to see people wearing all types of custom clothes and apparel. Businesses and individuals rely on this service to get a wide range of custom products for their personal use. This technology is also used by many businesses and brands to be able to produce branded products as gifts, marketing materials, promotional items, and so on. These on-demand manufacturing services usually help customers get their products designed and printed according to their order specifications. It is generally known as an on-demand printing service.


Manufacturing of custom electronic parts

This is a very common on-demand manufacturing example that is popular among original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). There are many OEMs in the electronic industry where they specialize in the production of various smaller parts and machines. With these on-demand services, customers can get their electronic products easily built according to their designs. They also get the same products built according to the specific requirement(s) of the customer.


Production of goods by additive manufacturing in the Aviation sector

The Aerospace and aviation sector relies on the production of materials by additive manufacturing. This means that with this technology, different aerospace components can be produced. The manufacturing model makes it possible for a wide number of parts to be made with very high precision. Why the material is made to have several properties, they are usually lightweight and durable.


On-demand production of pharmaceutical products

These days, it is possible for doctors and other medical experts to design specific drugs for patients. On-demand manufacturing services are a very useful production model in the medical industry. This means that the service can be used to create custom medicine for patients. In addition, it can also be used for the production of small batches of drugs which have been tailored to the needs of the different patients.


Printing of foods to meet specific dietary requirements

On-demand manufacturing services are also highly beneficial to the food and health industry. With elaborate printing technology, health foods can be printed based on design samples from dietitians. This makes it possible for people to eat healthy food options that have been customized for them by their food doctors.


Packaging products with on-demand production technology

Many packaging companies cater to the needs of a wide range of manufacturers with on-demand printing technology. This solution is used for packaging different products based on the needs of different customers. These packaging materials are tailored according to the individual requirements of the customer. They usually cater to different industries that produce various products of different sizes and dimensions.

Automotive Plastic Components Injection Molding Manufacturing
Automotive Plastic Components Injection Molding Manufacturing

Printing custom jewelry for customers

Many jewelry businesses cater to the needs of their customers by using on-demand 3D jewelry printing technology. This is an on-demand service whereby products are printed from specific designs fed into a connected computer. The machine allows for the creation of custom intricate jewelry pieces. Each product is produced to meet the specific preferences and designs of the customer.

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