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What is on-demand manufacturing and why you may need it?

What is on-demand manufacturing and why you may need it?

For many years, manufacturing companies have produced goods with a wide range of industrial methods. While so many companies use the traditional models, the on-demand production model seems to be the most accepted option. Within a short time of being established, a wide spectrum of industries and enterprises have adopted this production model. They have subsequently abandoned the traditional model. The popularity of the on-demand production model continues to increase. As many companies and businesses continue to use it, it is important to know the features of this model.   This brings us to the question, “what is on-demand manufacturing?”

Automotive Plastic Components Injection Molding Manufacturer
Automotive Plastic Components Injection Molding Manufacturer

What is on-demand manufacturing?

This is also known as on-demand production and is a manufacturing model that involves the creation of products when ordered and required by the customer. This production model is usually carried in small volumes. In other words, this manufacturing model is also known as custom or cloud manufacturing. The on-demand production model is more efficient than the traditional option. This is because it only produces what the customer needs and at the right time. This increases cost-effectiveness and revenue. It also helps the manufacturer to preserve resources and avoid loss of revenue through waste.


Why do you need on-demand manufacturing services?

Due to the benefits of the on-demand manufacturing process, many companies and businesses are leveraging this innovative production model. There are so many benefits of this manufacturing system. Businesses can easily increase their innovation to enhance product quality. In addition, it leads to a more flexible manufacturing process as more businesses and fabricators can now access it. Since its establishment, so many enterprises now depend on it for the production of small volumes. Due to the benefits of this production system, medium and large-scale companies rely on it for the production of their goods. The following are the main reasons you need on-demand manufacturing services.:

Easy product customization features: The on-demand production model enhances the customization process. This means that you can easily generate a quote by uploading CAD product models. This means easy changes to the designs before the final production process.


Faster production times: Companies who choose on-demand production services are known for their faster turnaround time. Product manufacturers can leverage this production model to reduce lead times and meet different production constraints to fulfil the customer’s requirements.


Better cost reduction opportunities: With on-demand production models, the company can easily reduce production costs. This means that as products are produced just in time for delivery, there will be no need for warehouse and storage facilities. There will be zero inventory because all products are shipped directly to the customer.


Easily improve quality control policies: On-demand production model allows for improved quality control. This is because it allows smaller product batches – which allows the manufacturers to exert more control. The manufacturer can then increase the precision and grade of individual parts. As a challenge to more traditional facilities, on-demand production processes lead to improved quality.


A more streamlined cash flow system: The on-demand production model features a more sophisticated supply chain network. This makes it possible for a more streamlined cash flow with this production model. This means that clients usually make small payouts for orders that they have placed. As this leads to better cash flows, the company can manage its expenses. However, the traditional production models usually need a lot of initial investment.


No need to demand minimum order requirements: In the traditional production model, customers are limited to the minimum order requirement. This means that they are usually prevented from placing orders if they do not meet the minimum order. However, with on-demand production, the manufacturers can meet customers’ demands. This is because it does not need large production volumes. There are no minimum order requirements when it comes to this production model. It focuses on fulfilling the customers’ orders regardless of the volume.


Avoid the overproduction of goods: The on-demand manufacturing model helps businesses manage overproduction. This is not the case for traditional manufacturers as they usually produce goods to meet long-term sales projections. And in some cases, the goods produced may be more than the actual items sold. This can lead to significant business losses. When we eliminate overproduction, we minimize business losses as well as carbon emissions.


Easily streamline the workflow: The on-demand manufacturing model is a flexible production process. Manufacturing facilities can easily outsource the production processes to other production enterprises. When production processes are outsourced, it frees up in-house resources for other core business operations. This could be in the area of sales and marketing. In addition, this process also helps to minimize product inventory and as customers get the right product quantity and quality.


The on-demand manufacturing service in the market

Due to the establishment of on-demand manufacturing services, businesses can now easily cater to the needs of all their customers. This means that they can offer their services as a manufacturing-as-a-service enterprise. With these production companies, customers can easily have access to a wide range of products as businesses expand their services to cater to multiple industries. Whether you are a manufacturer or a customer, the on-demand production model can easily meet your short- and long-term goals. When it comes to on-demand production services, there are a few companies that excel in this area.

Automotive Plastic Components Injection Molding Manufacturer
Automotive Plastic Components Injection Molding Manufacturer

Typical parties involved in on-demand manufacturing

Another way to understand on-demand manufacturing as a process is to understand the parties involved here. Note that this may change in specific situations. But his breakdown features the ideal connection of the different parties.

  • The customer: The customer, which can be an individual or a business approaches a company for a specific batch of products.
  • The company: This is usually a company that is branded to sell wholesale products to customers. Since they do not have a manufacturing facility, they usually execute their production and branding operations through a manufacturing company.
  • The Manufacturer: This manufacturer will take the customer’s requests and make the goods according to the design specifications. They usually have product designers and engineers that ensure that all products are made according to each customer’s specifications. The production team also involves project managers, quality control experts, and technical/machine operation personnel.

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