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Best Top 10 Custom Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturers And Suppliers In Germany

Best Top 10 Custom Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturers And Suppliers In Germany

Germany is the pinnacle of precision engineering and quality manufacturing. It’s well-renowned for top-notch plastic injection moulding manufacturers that put their competitors to shame. This article highlights the cream of the crop — these are Germany’s ten best plastic injection mould resources that have nailed it in terms of craftsmanship.

short run plastic injection molding
short run plastic injection molding

Arburg GmbH + Co KG 

Arburg has long been a respected powerhouse in plastic injection molding machines. With their reputation for consistently delivering remarkable quality, precision, reliability, and efficiency across an extensive array of features, capacities, and industries, it’s no wonder they’ve become so popular with manufacturers.

Not only will you get top-of-the-line equipment from them – but you can also count on their comprehensive services to ensure your satisfaction runs as high as their highly engineered standards.

Arburg is determined to offer top-notch products and services that keep customers content. They provide training programs to help folk use their machinery smoothly, plus consulting services so people can maximize manufacturing processes.

Moreover, if there are ever snags with their machines, they bestow technical assistance to troubleshoot any issues. In essence, this company has pledged first-rate quality. And they try to stay one step ahead by continuously examining ways of improving their offerings.


KraussMaffei Group

KraussMaffei is the epitome of quality in plastic injection molding machines and systems. They have a stellar reputation for providing vigorous solutions that boast cutting-edge innovation, high performance, energy efficiency, and optimized control systems.

Their machinery has become a surefire selection by countless industrial companies across various sectors – from automotive to packaging, medical devices to consumer goods – striving for excellence in production processes.

And they don’t stop there! KraussMaffei’s specialists go above and beyond expectations with their outstanding personal services. From process consultation to training sessions plus after-sales assistance, they bring unmatched dedication to serving customers to reach their objectives throughout the manufacturing steps.

Therefore, businesses can be guaranteed excellent products and customized individual support that will surpass even the loftiest expectations.


Sumitomo (SHI) Demag Plastics Machinery GmbH

Sumitomo (SHI) Demag is a renowned leader in high-caliber plastic injection molding machine manufacturing. From all-electric to hybrid and hydraulic systems, their vast array of impressive machines performs masterfully with intricate precision, lightning speed, and exemplary energy efficiency – setting the standards for success without fail.

Plus, for added advantage, they provide complete services, including process optimization training courses paired with technical support, proving beyond doubt that when it comes to manufacturing excellence, they’re still at the top of their game.


Engel Austria GmbH

Engel is a company to be reckoned with, having taken its place as a world leader in producing plastic injection molding machines. Their products are designed with cutting-edge advancements that make them stand out from their competitors.

For instance, they boast the incredible tie-bar-less design, offering customers more freedom and lightning-fast cycles – no wonder these machines are so well known for top performance, top-notch productivity, and precision.

In addition to their innovative features, electric drives provide exceptional power conservation, which makes using one of these beauties a great eco-friendly choice for businesses who care about minimizing their carbon footprint. Engel’s machinery can take heavy use while consistently providing flawless results.

Of course, it also doesn’t hurt that this firm’s services come fully loaded! Experienced consultation on process optimization will have you reaching peak efficiency before you know it.

Plus, training classes enable workers to get up and running with all new techniques quickly; even after purchase, support will help your team stay glued together whenever service is needed.


Wittmann Battenfeld GmbH

Wittmann Battenfeld is a leader among plastic injection molding machine makers and ancillary equipment. Aiming for excellence, they offer options that market the latest technology innovations like multi-disciplinary molding approaches and micro-injection designs, all with the precision you expect when your production depends on accuracy.

Plus, their machines are engineered to be energy efficient – a significant plus in today’s economic climate. Besides selling advanced machinery systems, they excel at services tailored to customer needs, from process optimization done right through training developed for success to expert technical assistance.

With top-level service combined with cutting-edge offerings, Wittmann Battenfeld offers “the total package” from start to finish!


Demaplastech GmbH

Demaplastech produces premier-quality plastic injection molded parts, and their list of services is pretty impressive! Not only do they take care of product design and mold making, but they also do top-notch injection molding.

From precision to durability to their sleek aesthetic appeal – industries across automotive, electronics, and healthcare devices can depend on their excellence in every aspect.



DJMolding is a top-tier plastic injection molding manufacturer that stands out from the competition thanks to its unwavering commitment to excellence. From product design and mold making to injection molding and beyond, they ensure each project meets the highest accuracy, quality, and affordability standards.

Plus, with capabilities spanning multiple industries such as automotive parts manufacturing, consumer goods assembly, and more – rest assured that no matter your industry’s unique needs, DJMolding has you covered.

The team at DJMolding takes great pride in offering cutting-edge solutions, from providing comprehensive custom engineering services with remarkable attention to detail – it’s little wonder why so many customers rely on them daily for products or services related to mold-making and injection Molding processes. When you choose DJMoling for your next project – expect nothing less than perfection!


Rosti Germany GmbH

Rosti Germany is a name synonymous with precision, durability, and functionality. Injection molded parts that come in all shapes and sizes are their specialty. They offer comprehensive services – from product design to mold making and injection molding – for industries ranging from automotive to packaging medical devices.

Known for their first-class products, reliable service delivery, and trustworthy stance, they’ve earned themselves an enviable reputation in the industry.


Knauf Industries Automotive GmbH

Knauf Industries Automotive certainly knows its stuff regarding car part production. With a mission focused on precision, strength, and reliability, they’ve perfected the art of providing an impressive range of services that span from product design to mold making and injection molding—not forgetting their specialty in manufacturing top-quality plastic components for the automotive industry. Their commitment has earned them fans around the globe, including major car manufacturers.


Hekuma GmbH

Hekuma is the go-to for a stylish automation system lineup, served fresh with each turnkey injection molding process. They bring advantageous solutions to the automotive, packaging, and medical device industries, ensuring maximum efficiency and reliability every time via leading-edge control tech.

Despite all that, they offer comprehensive services like system integration, training, and technical support for optimal performance that won’t disappoint you.

Small Run Injection Molding Cost In Custom Plastic Injection Molding Process
Small Run Injection Molding Cost In Custom Plastic Injection Molding Process

Last Words

To sum it up, Germany’s plastic injection molding producers are almost the world’s finest – delivering superior goods, utilizing cutting-edge tech, and offering top-notch customer service. So, whatever you need – auto components, medical equipment, or everyday items – look to these ten top-tier companies; they will take care of business.

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