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Best Top 10 Plastic Parts Manufacturing Companies And Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturers In Canada

Best Top 10 Plastic Parts Manufacturing Companies And Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturers In Canada

There’s no denying that Canada is home to some of the world’s finest plastic injection molding manufacturers. These companies are experts at churning out top-notch products in all shapes and sizes—we’re talking custom parts and larger-scale productions for various industries.

So, if you’re searching for an experienced manufacturer who knows their way around plastics like the back of their hand, we’ve got you covered! This article will give you the inside scoop on ten incredible facilities in Canada, from their specialties to their capabilities. Dive into our rundown to pick one that best suits your needs.

Small Run Injection Molding Cost In Custom Plastic Injection Molding Process
Small Run Injection Molding Cost In Custom Plastic Injection Molding Process

Molded Precision Components (MPC)

MPC is a well-admired plastic injection molding supplier in Canada, celebrated for having cutting-edge machinery and imaginative solutions. With their state-of-the-art high-speed injection molders, they can form elaborate and tricky plastics with unbeatable accuracy – making them an automatic option for businesses looking for leading quality components made of plastic.

Spanning from automotive technology to medical gadgets and industrial parts along with consumer items – MPC provides a broad selection of products.

Their proficient services include help with design, model formation, injection tooling & forging, assembly line practices– and inspecting the grade – so you always get what you paid for! Thanks to their unyielding resolve towards upgrading all aspects of production & prioritizing client satisfaction – MPC stands out amongst slews of other vendors.

Whether it’s only finding dependable sources that provide remarkable plastic bits or needing total assistance with breathes through the entire manufacturing procedure, there’s no better pick than trusted MPC!



StackTeck is renowned for providing Canada with top-notch plastic injection molding solutions. Their variety of equipment provides exceptional repeatability in producing high-quality parts, particularly thin-wall packaging products used often in food and beverage industries, medical devices, closures, caps, and consumer goods.

Above all else, though, they’ve earned a sterling reputation due to their expertise with custom mold creation that meets customer needs.

They offer engineering support while maintaining an unwavering commitment to product quality and service. StackTeck is your go-to source for trusty plastic injection molding solutions!


EVCO Plastics

EVCO Plastics is a highly revered manufacturer of plastic injection molding products, boasting an extensive presence in Canada. They’ve earned their reputation for delivering an assortment of unbeatable equipment—precision electric injection molding machines that churn out parts of varying sizes with extraordinary accuracy.

From automobiles to medical gadgets and consumer knick-knacks to industrial components, the company has it all covered under one roof! They offer design consultation, prototyping, molding creation, and injection molding as part of their comprehensive services and provide a thorough quality control system for your assurance.

EVCO Plastics never stops striving to utilize top-tier technology and sustainable initiatives so that customers will reap maximum benefit from cost-savvy yet ecological solutions.

Their eco-friendly standards are evident when considering how they use environmentally responsible materials and processes that greatly minimize resource waste and reduce emissions. All in all, anyone requiring premium quality plastic injection molders and bespoke services can count on the reliability of EVCO Plastics!



As a world-renowned leader in plastic injection molding, Mold-Masters has solidified its legacy with best-in-class equipment such as hot runner systems and temperature controllers.

This powerhouse consistently delivers well beyond expectations by providing top-notch molds for industries like automotive, packaging, medical, and consumer goods – guaranteed to satisfy all customers’ demands.

Mold-Masters is renowned for pushing the boundaries regarding ingenuity; you can rest assured that each mold is tailor-made to the customer’s needs. On top of that, they ensure every finished product is crafted with utmost precision thanks to advanced technology at work – something genuinely unsurpassed by any other company.

So, if you’re looking for unbeatable quality plus cost-efficient solutions for your project, then Mold Mater’s got your back.


BayTech Plastics

BayTech Plastics has earned an unbeatable reputation as a plastics injection molding manufacturer, with locations throughout Canada & beyond. Their impressive array of state-of-the-art equipment produces parts both small & large in high-quality precision – not to mention their full range of extra services like design, prototyping, assembly, and quality control.

Super speedy turnaround times and budget-friendly rates make them perfect for one-off projects or ongoing production needs. In short – there’s no better way to be sure your custom plastic part is up to scratch than with BayTech Plastics!


Precision Plastics

Precision Plastics delivers unbeatable products and solutions – they are truly leading the pack regarding plastic injection molding in Canada. They have the latest machinery a manufacturer could dream of. These high-performance injection molding machines can make complex items with precision tolerances.

In addition, Precision Plastics knows its stuff, specializing in automotive components but also providing excellent services for sectors like electronics, medical devices, and consumer goods – from product design advice to complete assembly & quality control packages.

It’s no wonder they’re so popular; by focusing on nothing but top-notch quality and customer satisfaction, the results speak for themselves as all their output meets industry standards quite handily.


Moldrite Inc

As a leader in plastic injection molding, Moldrite Inc in Canada is renowned for creating reliable equipment with unparalleled repeatability. But it doesn’t end there – they’re real wizards producing caps and closures for the packaging industry!

For anything from product design help to assembly and quality management, their services offer top-notch solutions boasting premier performance and convenience. There’s no closing out the possibilities of what this powerhouse company could do!


Canada Mold Technology Inc

This is an esteemed manufacturer in Canada that specializes in plastic injection molding. With cutting-edge equipment, they produce parts with high precision, whether the tiniest trinkets or a large object like an automobile.

Armed with excellence and beyond, this company offers a wide range of products, such as medical devices, consumer goods, auto components, and industrial pieces.

Not only that but what sets them apart is their commitment: from product design consultation up to quality control processes, improving at every step and ensuring customer satisfaction along the way.

All these superior services come at highly competitive price points – gaining immense response from clients nationwide (and beyond!).



DJMolding is a renowned Canadian plastic injection molding manufacturer, drawing attention from hundreds of industries. Famous for their exceptional range of machines, products, and services- they are certainly one to reckon with.

Their hi-tech injection molders guarantee exact and efficient production of components, triggering a demand frenzy among automakers, electronics producers, medical institutions, and consumer goods centers alike.

From product design to its mould making & high-tech injection up to assembly & packing -DJMolding offers an end-to-end service portfolio that caters precisely to customer requirements while maintaining cost-effectiveness.

There’s no doubt why this veteran outfit has conformably taken the crown in delivering quality, rigorous production in the Canadian plastic injection market sector!


Husky Injection Molding

This is no ordinary plastic injection moulding manufacturer. This leading company based in Canada is a cut above the rest, boasting high-speed injection machines that can quickly produce hefty volumes of plastic parts with extraordinary accuracy.

No wonder they specialize in crafting custom plastic pieces for the automotive, electronics, medical, and consumer goods sectors!

Not only do they provide product design assistance and create molds, thanks to their unwavering commitment to innovation and efficacy, but they also offer comprehensive services involving molding, assembly, and quality control.

The net result? Husky Injection Molding promises reliable solutions that respect top-notch standards while trimming production costs.

Best Top 5 Low Volume Injection Molding Companies
Best Top 5 Low Volume Injection Molding Companies


Wrapping up, Canada has plenty of second-to-none plastic injection moulding manufacturers. From their track record of producing top-notch products to providing superb customer service – these companies have it all! No matter the size of your project, these experts have the technology and experience to make it happen.

Plus, with super sophisticated facilities staffed by excellent workers, you can rest assured they’ll quickly get the job done. So, if you’re looking for a surefire shoo-in when choosing a plastic injection molding manufacturer in Canada, check out this list of 10 companies’ stats.

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