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Low-Volume Plastic Injection Molding Companies And Manufacturers In the USA

Low-Volume Plastic Injection Molding Companies And Manufacturers In the USA

Injection molding is a popular manufacturing method for cranking out products with solid shapes; it’s most commonly used to make plastic parts and components. Usually, companies specializing in injection molding focus on mass production – however, there are numerous businesses dedicated to tackling projects that don’t require high volume. These firms meet the needs of folks who need quick prototypes or small batches of goods — we’ll take an up-close look at ten low-volume injection molders located in the United States.

Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) Injection Molding And LSR Injection Moulding
Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) Injection Molding And LSR Injection Moulding


Protolabs is an esteemed business well-known for its remarkable quick turnaround and low-volume injection molding services. Backed by innovative technology and automation to build parts of acceptable quality at competitive prices, the company can stand proud.

Protolabs takes pride in offering only the best services available to its clients; as such, their crew of pros strives day and night to satisfy every project’s expectations —no matter how complex or unique— with state-of-the-art tools and cutting-edge methods.

By investing a wealth of knowledge in the field, they’ve earned themselves considered partners among organizations looking for swift realization of concepts with assured precision.


Xcentric Mold & Engineering

Xcentric Mold & Engineering, based in Michigan, really knows its stuff when it comes to rapid prototyping and low-volume manufacturing. They are the preferred source for high-quality injection molded parts with speedy turnaround times, ensuring you get what you need before anybody else does.

Not only that, but Xcentric also has a stellar team of experienced engineers who can help perfect your design as well as choose the optimal material selection. That’s right – you’ll be benefitting from professionals who know exactly how to make sure your product is as precise and excellent quality as possible for all your specific requirements.

So, if you’re looking for an ally in prototyping or need expert assistance on the small batch manufacturing side of things, then look no further than Xcentric Mold & Engineering – they won’t disappoint.



ICOMold is an Ohio-based company that specializes in custom plastic injection molding, which provides clients with low-volume production and prototypes. Not to mention, they have a wide selection of materials and finishes – all to meet your needs! As if that wasn’t enough, this top-notch bunch also offers design assistance, going the extra mile for their customers.

Plus, you can get free quotes, so you can make sure it’s within budget. They guarantee exceptional customer service – it really couldn’t be easier! With experience like theirs, there’s no doubt ICOMold is your go-to method for any company seeking premier-quality molding services.


Aline Components

Aline Components is the tried-and-true New Jersey injection molding company that consistently delivers top-notch quality – so much so they have developed a wealth of know-how and craftsmanship in the fifty years since their inception!

Not to mention, they specialize in intricate shapes with impeccable precision (talk about hitting an absolute bullseye). At Aline Components, you can count on them to understand exactly what your project needs: whether it’s just a few parts or many more, this super dependable team makes sure to provide products tailored specifically to deliver satisfaction – while staying light on your pockets.

Ultimately, there’s no better choice for all of your injection molding requirements than these rockstars.


The Rodon Group

For the last sixty years, The Rodon Group has been Pennsylvania’s premier provider of first-class injection molding solutions. Thrifty yet reliable, they’ve quickly become the topmost choice for businesses searching for efficient manufacturing methods. Covering low-volume production in particular – perfect for companies needing smaller amounts of goods – their services span a broad spectrum from medical and consumer to electronics industries and more.

With extensive experience in injections, products crafted by The Rodon Group are manifestations of superior quality and exact accuracy; no wonder clients can’t seem to get enough! No doubt their dedication to customer fulfillment has earned them a pretty loyal fanbase and plenty of recognition across the sector, too.


KASO Plastics

KASO Plastics is a renowned business in Minnesota that supplies rapid prototyping and low-volume production services, servicing tons of different industries. When it comes to injecting molding for small to medium-sized parts with lightning-fast turnaround times, they’re the ones you need—blazing ahead of the competition by leveraging tech and automation to provide durable bits at wallet-friendly prices. That’s KASO Plastics expertise.

Their team certainly isn’t slacking off either – these talented peeps consistently strive for excellence, which has earned them bragging rights as one of the most dependable prototyping and fabrication gurus out there. Whether you’re craving after just one prototype or want a multitude made up really quickly, KASO Plastics has got this covered – investing time and skillfully crafted solutions to meet all your individual needs, like butter on toast.


Crescent Industries

Crescent Industries is a premier company based in Wisconsin that specializes in custom injection molding and contract manufacturing. They have carved out an exceptional niche for themselves by offering low-volume production services to numerous industries – ranging from medical to automotive – as well as consumer products.

The team at Crescent also has a wealth of experience: expert engineers with specialized know-how around material selection and design optimization, armed with the latest tech tools so their clients can get the best service available.

At Crescent Industries, it’s all about building relationships and consistently delivering high-quality results tailored to their customers’ unique needs. With years of exemplary performance behind them, this group has seen success and continues standing proudly on a solid foundation of trust and reliability that only comes through experience.


SEA-LECT Plastics

SEA-LECT Plastics is a name renowned in Washington for reliable custom injection molding and contract manufacturing. With an exceptional knack for low-volume production, they offer their services to many players in the game: aerospace, medical, and consumer products. These pros come complete with veteran engineers offering design optimization plus material selection guidance – nothing overlooked!

SEA-LECT was made a leader of its industry all by its worthy reputation; customers trusted them for outstanding service along with pristine results each time. Whether it’s prototype or production run needs at hand, look no further than SEA-LECT Plastics, your go-to choice when it comes to injection molded perfection you can trust again and again!

Automotive Plastic Components Injection Molding Manufacturer
Automotive Plastic Components Injection Molding Manufacturer

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, while many injection molding companies focus on high-volume production, several companies in the USA specialize in low-volume injection molding. These companies cater to customers who require smaller quantities of parts or prototypes. Whether you need rapid prototyping or low-volume production, these companies can provide high-quality parts with quick turnaround times.

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