Low Volume Plastic Injection Moulding Companies China

An entry-level guide to low volume production mold for plastic parts manufacturing

An entry-level guide to low volume production mold for plastic parts manufacturing

Low volume production mold are used for special production runs in the manufacturing industry. These molds are not meant to be used for large production operations. They are used to cater to on-demand manufacturing based on customer’s requests. There are so many benefits to low volume production mold. This post looks deeply into this type of production mold process.

Low Volume Plastic Injection Moulding Companies China
Low Volume Plastic Injection Moulding Companies China

What is a low-volume production mold?

In manufacturing, the low volume production mold is used to produce small amounts of products or parts. It is the opposite of high-volume production molds. These are the right type of molds used for shorter production runs, which is between hundred to several thousand units. The low-volume production mold is suitable when it comes to meeting the needs of smaller-scale manufacturing. This means that manufacturers can easily produce relevant product parts without investing in expensive production machines and technology. These types of molds are used extensively for on-demand product manufacture and prototyping flexibility makes it a highly useful production process for small- and medium-sized manufacturing companies.


The low-volume production mold: Some important features

The low volume production mold is a very unique manufacturing system that comes with specific features. Some of the properties of this production system are as follows:

A very simple design: The low-volume production mold has a very simple design when compared to molds used for high-volume production molds. This simple design can be used to reduce the cost and time of production.


Uses less expensive production materials: These types of production molds make use of materials that are not costly. Since it is used for smaller production runs, the manufacturer wouldn’t be investing extensively in product materials.


Easily setup the tools you need: The low-volume production mold systems are known to support a quick tooling setup. It also helps to accelerate the process of production. This is why they increase the turnaround time for smaller batches.


They support flexibility during the production process: The low-volume production molds support easy alterations and modifications. This is why designs of products can be easily changed or improved during any stage of the production process. Since low-volume production moulds have increased flexibility, manufacturers can easily improve or change product designs based on feedback obtained from market testing.


Excellent price points in comparison to their efficiency: Low-volume production molds are highly cost-effective. This is because they are quite affordable for many entry-level manufacturers and product development companies. They prefer the low costs of low-volume production molds to the more expensive high-volume molds.


Used for short production runs: If you are looking to use low-volume production molds, they will not last for a long time. Their shorter lifespan means that they are not engineered to be used for a long time. There is usually a limit to the number of production runs that these production molds can take. This means that in comparison to high-volume molds, they tend to have shorter lifespans.


They support easy product customization: The low-volume production molds are used extensively by manufacturers that require custom products. They also help product developers with niche products to quickly launch out in the market. This method of production allows production brands to easily produce products with custom parts without investing in costly large-volume production molds.


Choosing low volume production molds: Things to consider

As a new manufacturing business, there are certain things you should know if you are looking to use low-volume production molds for your operation. Considering these points ensure that you make the most out of your production molds. These considerations are:

Should come with a flexible design for future changes: You should ensure that the molds are designed in such a way that they can be modified or adjusted at some point later during production. This means that the mould should be flexible enough for design changes without significant delays or costs.


Choose the right mold material: There are so many materials used for making low-volume production molds. However, it is important to choose the right material that supports the mold that you are willing to use for your production runs. When choosing the material for your low-volume production molds, it is important to balance the triple constraints of your production needs, durability, and costs.


The level of expertise of the mould manufacturer: A new production business needs to choose a manufacturer that specializes in low-volume production molds. If you choose a manufacturing company with a lot of expertise in this area, it goes on to streamline the workflow. This means that errors will be minimized while also maximizing the cost-efficiency of the design.


The costs of production and scalability: If you are going to be embarking on a low-volume production run, you will need to assess the total costs to set up the facility. These costs include the equipment/technology, setup, and production costs. The report you get from analyzing these costs will help you consider the viability of this low-volume strategy. In addition, you should also cater for the scalability of the process in case demand increases.


The cost-benefit analysis: You should carry out the cost-benefit analysis to help you determine if this production system best aligns with the long-term financial goals of the business. This will also help you analyze if the product will be able to meet the demands of the market.


Maintain good relationships with production mould manufacturers: One non-technical consideration that businesses should make is maintaining good relationships in the industry. They should always ensure clear and transparent communication between them and the mold manufacturers. This is usually helpful for future adjustments or collaborations.


How adaptable is the mold for custom product designs: Low volume production molds are used particularly for on-demand manufacturing. This means that there could be potential changes in the design of the mold from the customer. Simple customer feedback might make you want to consider changing the mold designs. Your low-volume molds should cater for potential product design variations or changes.


Know the lifespan of the production mold: Low-volume production molds are usually produced to be used for a certain number of runs on a project. This is why businesses need to know the expected lifespan of their molds. It should be strong and reliable enough to accommodate variations or changes to product design when needed.

Low Volume Plastic Injection Moulding Companies China
Low Volume Plastic Injection Moulding Companies China

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