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Best Top 10 Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturers And Companies In Vietnam

Best Top 10 Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturers And Companies In Vietnam

How To Find Plastic Manufacturers In Vietnam
In the world of manufacturing and supply chain management, sourcing the right materials is pivotal to the success of any product-based business. Among these materials, plastics stand out due to their versatility, durability, and cost-effectiveness. With its burgeoning manufacturing sector, Vietnam has become an increasingly popular destination for businesses seeking reliable, high-quality plastic suppliers.

This blog post is crafted to guide you through finding the right plastic suppliers in Vietnam. Whether you’re a small business owner venturing into the world of product manufacturing, a large corporation seeking to diversify your supplier base, or a procurement manager tasked with sourcing cost-effective and high-quality plastics, understanding the Vietnamese market is vital.

We will explore the various aspects of sourcing plastics in Vietnam, including navigating the diverse suppliers market, understanding the types of plastics available, and assessing potential partners’ quality and sustainability practices. The process is not just about finding a supplier; it’s about finding a partner who aligns with your business’s values, quality standards, and long-term objectives.

Additionally, this post will provide insights into the unique advantages and challenges of the Vietnamese plastic manufacturing industry. We’ll discuss how to effectively communicate with Vietnamese suppliers, the importance of on-site visits and inspections, and the nuances of negotiating contracts to benefit both parties.

Are you looking for the right injection mold supplier in Vietnam? We have compiled the top 10 injection molding suppliers in Vietnam list for you to pick as below:

Custom Plastic Injection Molding Services Company
Custom Plastic Injection Molding Services Company

Best Top 10 Plastic Injection Molding Companies In Vietnam

1. East West
Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Company type: Manufacturing
Year founded: 2001
The number of employees: 200-299
Main Services: Meical Device Manufacturing, Electrical/Electronic, Plastics, Tooling, Assemblies, Logistics

East West Company Profile
East West Manufacturing’s five-factory complex in Vietnam is their largest global operation, specializing in high volume, low mix production. They offer the flexibility to accommodate New Product Introduction (NPI), complete box builds and full production runs. Their team in Vietnam brings high-quality expertise and reliability to a full range of manufacturing services.

East West offers surface mount technology (SMT) capabilities through their electronics manufacturing services (EMS) division. Their complex in Vietnam has a scalable state-of-the-art lead-free facility to manufacture printed circuit boards and complete box build assemblies. Their five-building complex in Vietnam is ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003, and ISO 14001 certified.

Located in their own facility outside of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, the completely modern tool shop occupies 4,500 square feet. From simple single cavity to complex multiple cavity, slides, gates, and injector pin designed molds.

East West has the technical skills and equipment to manufacture precision molds for their customers. The Tool Shop manufactures mechanical parts, injection mold spare parts, injection molding tools and blow molding tools.

Location: Hanoi, Vietnam
Company type: Manufacturing
Year founded: 2006
The number of employees: 200-299
Main Products: Plastic injection molds, aluminum die casting, magnesium die casting, moldings for 2-color injection machines, Product and assembly of plastic injection molding of 1-color & 2-color injection machines from 50Ton – 1300Ton

HTMP Company Profile
HTMP Company was established in 2006, with more than 15 years of construction and development, HTMP Vietnam is currently one of the leading enterprises in technology, production system and management in Vietnam and has a strong brand name. brand in the international market in the field of manufacturing precision plastic injection molds and components.

With the motto of constantly learning, continuously innovating and creating, with a team of enthusiastic, highly qualified and experienced staff, HTMP Vietnam contributes to creating high quality products to meet development requirements. development of Vietnam and the world.

HTMP Vietnam is proud to be a reliable partner in the field of supporting industries, participating in the global value chain, supplying products to many reputable large corporations in Vietnam and internationally.

The production system complies with international ISO standards (ISO9001-2015, ISO14001-2015, IATF16949..), the production process is closed and automatic, creating high-quality finished products, meeting all requirements of cutomer.


3. VMF
Location: Hanoi, Vietnam
Company type: Manufacturing
Year founded: 2001
The number of employees: 200-299
Main Services: Ammo Cans, Casting, Injection Molding, Precision Engineering

VMF Company Profile
VMF is reshaping the traditional supply chains of the manufacturing industry by bringing the vast network of Vietnam factories to the customer under a single platform.

They carry a mission to break all barriers between international businesses and local factories, by providing a one-stop service for tailored sourcing, project management, logistics management and supply chain management.

Incorporated in Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, with the global sales office in Singapore, the business and financial hub of the region, they are well connected globally, and their customers are assured of a conducive business environment.

Their entrepreneurial spirit of agility, simplicity and sincerity continues to drive the way they support their customers and contribute to the growth of the next manufacturing hub of the world.


4. Zion Precision Moulds Co., Ltd.
Location: Ha Noi, Vietnam
Company type: Manufacturing
Year founded: 2002
The number of employees: 200-299
Main Products: Manufacturing plastic molds and molding precision moulds, Mould design, Tool design

Zion Company Profile
Established in 2002 as a Singapore company, it changed its name from “Sin-Hanel” to “Zion” in 2005. Zion is now a subsidiary of Kim Tam Joint-stock Company, which is a Vietnam based company founded in 1997.

Zion has more than 200 employees that work in a 6,000 square meter factory in Hanoi. Their experienced team is fluent in foreign languages ​​such as English, French, Chinese, and Spanish; that allows Zion can have smooth communication with foreign businesses.

Zion provides injection mold design services by using professional design software, for example, Siemens-NX10, and Autocad 2015. They also have modern equipment such as CNC machines, CNC EDM, and CNC wire cut machines to carry out the injection molding process.

Zion keeps itself abreast of time, for example, the company purchased a 3D scan machine for the mold design purpose.


Location: Binh Duong, Vietnam
Company type: Manufacturing
Year founded: 2013
The number of employees: 200-299
Main Products: Injection Mold Design, Injection Molding Tools, Blow Mold, Plastic Production, Mechanical parts, Punching Mold

DK MOULD Company Profile
DK MOULD tool shop is located in the suburb of Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam), the most dynamic city of Vietnam. This Vietnamese company was founded in 2013 in order to serve Injection molding, blow molding and stamping industry.

This company has been set up in a way to handle efficiently the most simple to the most technical parts following European and Japanese requirements while keeping prices at low Vietnamese standards.

Their set up in Join-Venture with an American plastic/electronic/ assembly manufacturing company and their well balanced level of equipment gives them the keys to handle international business while giving you an easy access to high quality at local price. As they share the same factory , It’s also a direct access to quality ISO 9001 and 13485 certified system, injection and stamping machines for testing and temporary resources when necessary.


6. Y Chi Viet Co., Ltd
Location: Dong Nai Province, Vietnam
Company type: Manufacturing
Year founded:1993
The number of employees: 200-299
Main Products: Chromate Mold, Injection Molds, Plastic Injection Molding

Y Chi Viet Co., Ltd Company Profile
Y Chi Viet Company Limited (formerly Watson Co., Ltd.) is a joint venture company established in 1993 between the Union of Plastics and WATSON E.P Singapore.

Investing, developing and, maintaining the most advanced and modern plating and wastewater treatment system in Vietnam. Automatic UV coating and ultraviolet drying system, ensuring the uniform thickness and high adhesion trusted by Japanese customer. Meeting the variety of injection mold products always meeting RoHS standards in production and product processing.

3D printing technology helps create accurate mechanical parts in a short time, at a very low cost. The only agent in Vietnam of LUBRIZOL USA provding two product lines: CORZAN industrial pipes and FLOWGUARD houseware pipes


7. MIDA Precision Mold Co., Ltd.
Location: Long An, Vietnam
Company type: Manufacturing
Year founded: 2005
The number of employees: 200-299
Main Products: Injection molds, Plastic molding, Medical Plastics, Electronic Plastics, Technical Plastics, Cosmetic Plastics

MIDA Precision Mold Co., Ltd. Company Profile
MIDA Precision Mold Co., Ltd. are professional injection mold maker, plastic molding, plastics maker in Vietnam. They can provide their customers a perfect solution from designing products and molds, manufacturing, decorating, packaging to delivering products.

MIDA invested equipment system for making precision moulds and modern plastic injection molding machines included full automatic arm robots from leading brand names in Japan, Swiss as: Makino, Mazak, Charmilles, Okamoto, Mitutoyo, Fanuc, Yushin.


8. CNCPS Joint Stock Company
Location: Binh Duong, Vietnam
Company type: Manufacturing
Year founded: 2008
The number of employees: 200-299
Main Products: Precision machining parts/ molds, Plastic parts/ molds, Stamping parts, Aluminum die casting parts

CNCPS Joint Stock Company Profile
CNCPS JSC specializes in producing plastic injection molds for household and industrial products, electrical components, plastic parts, etc. Provide complete supply chain, high-quality products enhance the productivity of customers, Export to Japan, Germany, and the United States.

CNCPS is a company that engaged in manufacturing industry. Their company was established in 2008 and is now proud to be a leading and reliable name for precision machining in Vietnam. They have been expanding to manufacturing injection molds, plastic parts, stamping parts, aluminum die casting parts. All the production that they invest in must share the same core values: high precision, high quality.


9. INT Plastic Company Limited
Location: QuangNam, Vietnam
Company type: Manufacturing
Year founded: 2002
The number of employees: 200-299
Main Products: Plastic Parts, Asembly of Electronic, Assembly

INT Plastic Company Profile
INT Company Limited is the professional manufacturer of plastic products located in the Dien Nam-Dien Ngoc Industrial Zone, QuangNam Province, Vietnam. They are commited to provide highest quality products, the best delivery time and the best possible price.

Thanks to the effort and passion of their team, they proudly gained trust and credibility with their customers in Vietnam as well as customer oversea. ​They specialize in supplying PLASTIC INJECTION PROCESSING ACCORDING TO THE REQUIREMENTS of the products: Household plastic, Industrial plastic, Technical plastic.


10. Duy Tan Precision Mold Company
Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Company type: Manufacturing
Year founded: 2017
The number of employees: 200-299
Main Products: Manufacturing plastic injection molds for such industries as food and beverage, cosmetic, medical equipment

Duy Tan Precision Mold Company Company Profile
Duytan Precision Mold Co.,Ltd, former Mold-Mechanical Department of Duytan Plastic Group, is well known for over 25 years of experience in plastic mold industry.

Thanks to innovation and continuous development, in April 2017, the company was offically established, covering an area of 8250 m2 and having over 180 enthusiastic officers and employees.

With the motto of “Precision In Every Detail”, they are committed to delivering the precise, qualified, high-speed and durable mold systems and adding more value to products, ensuring the progress are scheduled.

Custom Plastic Injection Molding Services Company
Custom Plastic Injection Molding Services Company

If you’re looking for more plastic injection molding manufacturers, Also you can choose a Chinese injection mold supplier: Djmolding

Huizhou Djmolding Co., Ltd
Location: Huizhou City, China
Company type: Plastic Manufacturing
Year founded: 2010
The number of employees: 201-300
Main product: Low Volume Injection Molding,Low Volume Manufacturing Service ,Plastic Injection Mold, Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturing
Other products: Overmolding Products, Insert Molding Products, 3D printing and CNC Prototyping

Djmolding Company Profile

Huizhou Djmolding Co., Ltd (Huizhou Dongjiangjiesong Technology Co., Ltd), established in 2010, is a leading plastic injection moulding and mould manufacturer in China.Djmolding is a professional low volume injection molding,prototype molds maker for plastic parts on demand manufacturing from china. Now we are working as low volume manufacturing service partner with many famous 3D printing and additive manufacturing companies in usa and europe.

Djmolding specializes in plastic mould and plastic parts production for houldhold appliances, medical equipments, electronic equipments, safety equipments as well as monitoring system.

Injection molding, an important manufacturing process at DJmolding. How does it work? The chosen material is liquified and injected into a mold under pressure. In this way, we as a manufacturer can produce prototypes from original material and serial parts up to 50,000 pieces and more.

Finding a trustworthy manufacturer nowadays is not that easy, especially since there are a lot of new manufacturers that have emerged just to keep up with the trend. But hopefully, our list was able to help you find the injection molding manufacturer that best suits your requirements. It is recommended to do a background check before creating partnerships with manufacturers because they will play a huge part in the success of your business.

For more about the best top 10 plastic injection molding manufacturers and companies in vietnam,you can pay a visit to Djmolding at https://www.djmolding.com/best-top-10-plastic-injection-molding-manufacturer-factory-in-china-near-you-and-me/ for more info.