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List Of Best Top 10 Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturers And Companies In Australia And New Zealand

List Of Best Top 10 Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturers And Companies In Australia And New Zealand

Making high-quality plastics is no easy feat. And for many businesses around Australia, searching for a great plastic injection molding manufacturer comes with an added challenge. But don’t worry – we’ve done the hard work and rounded up our top 10.

Boasting impressive track records and unbeatable customer service, these companies are your go-to when you need reliable—and cost-effective—solutions tailored to your specific needs, whether automotive, medical, or consumer goods-related. So, save yourself time and energy by checking out our Aussie favorites today.

1 – DJMolding

DJMolding is a name that comes to mind when considering plastic injection molding in Australia. As something of a trendsetter in the industry, they offer an extensive range of machines, products, and essential services for their clients’ varied needs. Their cutting-edge injection molding equipment has the advanced technology to work with any plastic, promising excellent results every time. On top of that, they’ve done away with manual labor by introducing robotics and automation systems into their production processes – guaranteeing speedier manufacturing at a cheaper price.

If precision parts for the automotive, electronics, medical, or consumer goods industries are on your agenda, look no further than DJMolding, with dedicated craftsmen staff equal to any challenge. Product design & development? Mold making? Prototyping? Custom Injection Molding? No problem.


2 – A Plus Plastics

A Plus Plastics has an impressive reputation for being a premier plastic injection molding manufacturer in Australia. With their extensive equipment lineup, consisting of modern machines with varying capacities, they can fulfill those projects needing products in different sizes and shapes – from minuscule pieces to industrial-grade containers! In addition, their immense range of offerings includes but is not limited to, industrial containers, packaging solutions, automotive components, and electrical enclosures.

A Plus Plastic allows customers to work hand-in-hand with them toward constructing unique products compatible with the client’s exact needs. Moreover, due to top-notch experience and leading technologies deployed by A plus Plastics, high-caliber plastic materials meeting industry standards are produced efficiently, solidly, and lastingly while carrying minimal costs.


3 – Seaview Plastic Solutions 

Seaview Plastic Solutions is a leader in plastic injection molding, renowned for its cutting-edge equipment and innovative solutions. You’ll be impressed by what these folks can do! Their state-of-the-art machines symbolize excellence and guarantee precision production, allowing them to deliver high-grade products promptly and flawlessly. But beyond sheer convenience, Seaview boasts an impressive selection of goods -exemplifying their capability to satisfy everyone from medical professionals to automotive engineers with diverse demand lists.

This team dives headfirst into product design assistance and custom molds – remarkably embodying efficiency through offering unparalleled full-cycle plastic injection moulding service that no other Australian manufacturer can offer. Truly demonstrating why they have earned such an unsullied reputation among clients.


4 – Moldworx

Moldworx, a well-respected plastic injection molding company in Australia, is known for its top-of-the-line custom solutions. Nothing short of the best when it comes to advanced machines that can work with any plastic and produce intricately designed parts with accuracy; they boast a wide selection of products – from medical tech to auto components and consumer goods to industrial pieces. They provide end-to-end services such as design aid, mold fabrication & prototype development, and assembly – so customers get exactly what they’re looking for!

Their knacks of excellence in plastics manufacturing and supreme dedication toward customer gratification make Moldworx stand tall above other contenders. If you want nothing less than the highest quality creation tailored just for you, look no further than here.


5 – Rapid Plastics Australia

Rapid Plastics Australia are the pulse of Australia’s plastic injection moulding scene, with excellence in quality and customer satisfaction at their core. They have cutting-edge machinery for all plastics, from packaging solutions to automotive parts and electrical enclosures to everyday consumer goods.

Exceeding expectations, they extend beyond mold production – diving into product design aid, prototyping help, and custom projects like no other. But that’s not all! As pros in the profession with years of experience behind Rapid Plastics Australia, they have earned their stripes by granting rock-solid solutions repeatedly.


6 – Precimax Plastics Pty Ltd

This is a renowned plastic injection molding manufacturer that has earned the trust of Aussies with its cutting-edge equipment and extensive services. Their modern & savvy injection molding machines are loaded with automation systems for increased productivity.

Precimax Plastics Pty Ltd provides everything from medical components to consumer goods to industrial parts. In addition to that, they offer product design help, mould making, prototyping and custom injection moulds!

Quality always takes precedence at Precimax Plastics Pty, always maintaining standards so customers can receive top-class products that meet all expectations each time.


7 – Designplast 

Designplast stands apart as one of Australia’s premier plastic injection molders. With cutting-edge machines that meet any need, every project is simple for this expert team. From sturdy packaging solutions and intricate automotive components to electrical enclosures and more, Designplast offers a full range of custom products.

Plus, they don’t skimp on services: Designplast provides product design help, mold making, prototyping, and even assembly without bellyaching! Their dedication to quality in the products and their customer service makes them an industry leader in innovative plastic solutions that are reliable enough for all your needs.


8 – Amec Plastics

Amec Plastics is renowned for producing top-notch products with cutting-edge equipment. They have covered everything from medical devices to automotive components to consumer goods and industrial parts.

Plus, they bring their customer-focused approach into each project, helping you get the best service for product design assistance, mold making, prototyping, and custom injection molding. Whether you need precise parts or intricate details – Amec Plastics ensures that no stone is left unturned in getting your desired outcome. Invest with confidence today.


9 – Plasmo Pty Ltd 

Plasmo Pty Ltd has cemented its place as a dependable plastic injection molding manufacturer in Australia. Their focus is providing custom solutions for businesses across the spectrum: from packaging to automotive components, electrical enclosures to consumer goods. Not only that, but they can deliver on the details too – their production process is powered by robotic and automated machines, which ensures each piece produced reaches industry-standard quality.

Aiding their continued success are services like product design assistance, mold making, and prototyping that ensure everything runs seamlessly before finally being assembled in assembly line fashion. So, when you think of injection-molded plastics, don’t forget – Plasmo Pty Ltd has your back.


10 – Moldtech

Moldtech is Australia’s top-tier manufacturer of plastic injection molding. Not only do they have state-of-the-art machines to take on projects of all sizes, but they also understand the need for precision when it comes to complex parts and intricate details – making them a trusted choice in an industry renowned for quality products.

From medical devices and industrial components to automotive parts and consumer goods, Moldtech offers unparalleled craftsmanship that you can count on every time. With their expert design assistance, prototyping capabilities, mold-making services, plus custom injection molding solutions available for any project – you’ll be able to rest knowing your end product will be beyond reliable.

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Wrapping Up

Australia is the place to go if you’re looking for top-notch plastic injection molding because that’s where some of the best manufacturers on Planet Earth are based. These companies have a long history of providing clients with superior products and services.

Moreover, their skill set and high calibre facilities enable them to meet every industry’s unique demands. So, if you want dependable and effective plastic injection molding solutions, pick one of these ten outstanding operators – no doubt about it!

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