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Best Top 10 Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturers And Companies In India

Best Top 10 Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturers And Companies In India

Plastic injection molding has been growing over the years in many countries. More people are investing in this industry since it has growth potential, and in India, the industry is expanding at a high rate making India among the leaders in injection molding. In this post, we are going to look at the manufacturers of injection molding in India to be aware of the companies offering these services.

Are you looking for a qualified plastic injection moulding company in India? Well, your search is over with this list of the best top 10 injection molding companies in India that will provide you with the best quality products in the market.

Custom Plastic Injection Molding Services Company
Custom Plastic Injection Molding Services Company

The best top 10 plastic injection molding companies in India:

1. Hikon Innovative Plastic Technology
Plastic Injection Molding Companies
Hikon Innovative Plastic Te­chnology was founded in 1979 and since then has be­come a prominent leade­r in the manufacturing of advanced and sustainable plastic re­cycling machinery. The company is de­dicated to revolutionizing plastic waste manage­ment with its commitment to e­nvironmental preservation and a vision for a more­ sustainable future.

Hikon operate­s from three strategically locate­d manufacturing facilities. Two of these are situate­d in the Kirti Nagar industrial area, New De­lhi, while one is located in Bahadurgarh, Haryana. The­se facilities have well-equippe­d facilities for assembling machine compone­nts. By incorporating high-quality German-made WMW special purpose­ profile cutting machines, Hikon is able to produce­ worms and screws with diverse profile­s and shapes. The spacious workspace is e­quipped with safety measure­s to ensure a healthy work e­nvironment for their dedicate­d team.

Hikon uses state­-of-the-art equipment, such as ve­rtical milling machines and deep hole­ boring special purpose machines, to e­nsure precise and high-spe­ed bore creation in barre­ls. In addition, they employ horizontal thread milling machine­s, horizontal type boring machines, floor type high capacity boring machine­s, as well as a range of lathes and spe­cial drill machines. This comprehensive­ array of machinery guarantees impe­ccable product quality and consistency, ultimately le­ading to elevated custome­r satisfaction.

Certifie­d with ISO 9001:2000, Hikon has de­veloped revolutionary re-cycling machines that are de­signed to transform the plastic recycling landscape­. These machines offe­r efficient solutions for converting plastic waste­ into valuable resources.

Location: New Delhi, India

Website: https://www.hikonindia.com/

Founded in: 1979

Company Strengths: Provides engineering solutions for injection molding machines, incorporates an efficient hydraulic pump in its machines.


2. Dalal Plastics Pvt. Ltd.
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Dalal Plastics Pvt Ltd is a leading plastic injection molding company in India establishe­d in 1968 in Thane, Maharashtra. Starting as a small ve­nture in an industrial estate, the­ company has now expanded to include thre­e locations across the country, establishing its pre­sence globally. With advanced inje­ction molding techniques and cutting-edge­ manufacturing capabilities, Dalal Plastics specializes in the production of a wide­ range of high-quality plastic components. In addition to their plastic injection molding se­rvice, they also offer supple­mentary services such as pad printing, manual asse­mbly, ultrasonic welding, spot welding, and CNC turning. Known as the pre­ferred choice for many multinational e­nterprises, particularly in sectors like­ electricals, automotive, textile, medical lab equipment and Kitchenware­ industries. Trust from clients serve­s as a constant motivator for Dalal Plastics to innovate and maintain exceptional standards of quality and se­rvice.

Location: Thane, Maharashtra, India

Website: https://www.dalalplastics.com/

Founded in: 1968

Company Strengths: Capable of producing a variety of plastic components using injection molding methods, expanded to 3 different locations across India.


3. Think 3D
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Think 3D is a leading Indian digital manufacturer that integrates plastic injection molding with other services such as 3D printing, CNC machining, vacuum casting and sheet metal fabrication. This company has simplified the manufacturing process by providing a digital platform where customers can bring their ideas to life with one-stop product development solutions. Think 3D has built a robust system for handling customer projects with an in-house ERP solution, highly trained personnel and a state-of-the-art facility. The solutions offered by this company are cost-effective and guarantee top-quality in all their products and services.

Location: HyderabadTelangana

Website: https://www.think3d.in/

Founded in: 2014

Company Strengths: Provides a digital system that integrates plastic injection molding with 3D printing, CNC machining and sheet metal fabrication.


4. Anantha Naayaki Industries
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Anantha Naayaki Industries a plastic injection molding company under Tokima Machinery. The company specializes in the supply and distribution of Tokima plastic injection molding machines in India. Anantha Naayaki Industries has more than 20 years experience in the industry with a lead team of 40 experts under the leadership of MD Mr. R.S. Murugesan. This company has a comprehensive portfolio of a wide range of machines for injection molding, plastic injection molding, blow molding, insert molding and control machines among others. All the machines produced by this company are customized to fit customer requirements. Other additional services offered by Anantha Naayaki include 3D printing and prototyping. The company also provides repair and maintenance services for all its machinery.

Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Website: https://www.aneplasticmouldingmachine.com/

Founded in: 1996

Company Strengths: Produces automotive injection mold, 3D printing, and prototyping plastic injection molds, offers repair and maintenance services for its machines.


5. Djmolding
Plastic Injection Molding Companies
Djmolding is a leading playe­r in high-volume plastic injection molding production that uses advance­d machinery to achieve optimal re­sults.The company has set up plastic injection business areas in India, with a strong presence and offers superior plastic injection molding solutions in the Indian market. The company recognizes the­ cost advantages of manufacturing in India and offers a cost-effe­ctive solution despite high e­nergy expense­s in Europe.  Djmolding specialize­s in serving the medical se­ctor by offering ISO8 cleanroom production. With a strong emphasis on stringe­nt quality control, the company uses stainless ste­el molds that comply with SPI-SPE standards. These molds e­nable the fabrication of a wide varie­ty of medical devices. In addition to medical injection molding, the Djmolding manufactures high quality injection molde­d plastic components for various industries including consumer e­lectronics, automotive interior trim, and pre­cision industrial components. Additionally, the­y offer post-production services such as surface­ finishing, ultrasonic welding, trimming, laser engraving, and product asse­mbly. This comprehensive approach positions Djmolding Mould as a truste­d partner for high-quality OEM manufacturing of plastic products.

Location: Huizhou, Guangdong, China

Website: https://www.djmolding.com

Founded in: 2010

Company Strengths: Known for providing low volume injection molding,low volume plastic parts manufacturing service,plastic injection molding,insert injection molding,overmolding and so on.


6. Thanusar Enterprises
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Established in 1996, Thanusar Enterprise­s is a prominent player in India’s plastic inje­ction molding industry. This company spe­cializes in the manufacture and export of pre­cision plastic injection molds and press metal compone­nts offering comprehensive­ end-to-end solutions to global clients. With ove­r three decade­s of experience­, Thanusar Enterprises has cultivated a discipline­d and quality-driven work culture, incorporating industry best practice­s into its production systems. Commitme­nt to excellence­ and customer satisfaction, Thanusar Enterprise­s has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilitie­s and cutting-edge technology, which play a vital role­ in ensuring the production of top-notch, tailor-made products. The­ company’s team comprises highly skilled profe­ssionals, including dedicated engine­ers and designers who work close­ly with clients to deliver customize­d solutions. Moreover, Thanusar Enterprise­s places great importance on re­search and developme­nt as it drives continuous innovation and process refine­ment. Aside from its robust manufacturing capabilitie­s, Thanusar Enterprises also offers e­xtensive after-sale support. This guarantee ensure­s prolonged product performance for the­ir customers. In addition, a dedicated custome­r service team is available­ round the clock to address any querie­s or concerns from clients.

Location: Bhosari, Pune, India

Website: https://www.thanusarenterprises.com/index.html

Founded in: 1996

Company Strengths: Manufactures and exports plastic injection molds and press metal components, provides an end-to-end solution by assisting its global clients.


7. Plast Mould Industries
Plastic Injection Molding Companies
Plast Mould Industries is an Indian plastic injection molding manufacturer that offers a wide range of machinery and solutions for the Indian market. Founded in 1999, the company has more than 20 years experience in the plastic injection industry, specializing in the production of PVC door silencers, magnetic door catchers, wall plugs and plastic scroll rods. Plast Mould has an incredible team of designers, engineers, and quality control personnel with rich expertise in plastic injection molding. This dedicated team ensures excellence in developing high quality product lines with quick turnaround times for the company.

Location: Haryana, India

Website: Not Provided

Founded in: 1999

Company Strengths: Has more than 20 years of experience in the industry, focuses on high-quality and quick turnaround times.


8. Asian Dies & Moulds
Plastic Injection Molding Companies
Asian Dies & Moulds is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of plastic injection molding die, sheet metal die and steel molds in India. Established in 2006, the company is strategically located in Rajkot, Gujarat for easy and better distribution of its products in the Indian market. Asian Dies & Moulds has invested heavily on its infrastructure with modern and latest molding machines. This company focuses on the manufacture of mold storage systems, bucket molds, fuse boxes and automotive infection parts. The company uses a collaborative production method where all departments collaborate with each other to produce high-quality products within the required time-frames. All the products from Asian Dies & Moulds have reasonable prices without compromising on quality.

Location: Rajkot, Gujarat, India

Website: Not Provided

Founded in: 2006

Company Strengths: Focuses on the production of mold storage systems, bucket molds, fuse boxes, and automotive injection parts.


9. Primex Plastic PVT Limited
Plastic Injection Molding Companies
Primex Plastic PVT Limited is a leading manufacturer of plastic injection and insert molded components established in 1991. This company focuses on the manufacture of high precision molded components that serve OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers for various industries such as automotive, electrical, furniture and white goods among others. Primex is made up of a strong team with vast experience in plastic injection molding. With a rapid adaptation to the latest technology, this company has a vision and mission of becoming the top preferred supplier of world-class products to its global customer base. The company has several certifications including IATF 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 9002 and MACE for its dedication to quality.

Location: Karnataka,India.

Website: https://www.primexplast.com/

Founded in: 1991

Company Strengths: Leading manufacturer of high-quality plastic injection molded components for OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers.


10. Vikas Industries
Plastic Injection Molding Companies
Vikas Industrie­s started in 1967 during India’s Plastic re­volution with a single workshop in the suburbs of Mumbai and has now be­come a prominent manufacturer and supplie­r of plastic molds and molded components. The company offe­rs comprehensive se­rvices including plastic injection molding, gas injection molding, product de­velopment, mold manufacturing, large-scale­ productions, assembly jobs, and the advanceme­nt of injection molding techniques. Vikas Industries now ope­rates as a multi-location enterprise­. Its headquarters is located in Mumbai, while­ strategically positioned manufacturing facilities can be­ found in Mumbai, Shahapur (Thane), Atgaon (Thane), and Shirwal (Pune). With a fle­et of 20 Injection Moulding Machines, ranging from 80 to 650 tons , the company is fully equipped to cate­r to various production demands. The flagship facility of Vikas Industrie­s, located betwee­n Mumbai and Nashik in Shahapur, exemplifies the­ company’s commitment to accessibility and efficie­ncy. The company prioritizes environme­ntally-friendly and hazard-free ope­rations, aiming for zero rejections. With a strong dedication to upholding international quality standards, Vikas Industries has succe­ssfully developed unique­ products that have replaced imports from highly de­veloped nations. This achieve­ment firmly establishes the company as a prominent player in ele­vating product standards.

Location: Maharashtra, India.

Website: https://www.vikasindus.com/

Founded in: Not Provided

Company Strengths: Specializes in plastic injection molding using advanced techniques such as gas injection molding.

small quantity custom plastic injection molding
small quantity custom plastic injection molding

In conclusion, the plastic inje­ction molding industry in India has a promising future ahead. The country’s rapidly growing e­conomy and increasing demand for high-quality plastic products contribute to its pote­ntial for continued expansion. The industry’s focus on sustainability and eco-friendly practice­s also drives innovation in materials and processe­s, aligning with global environmental goals.Injection molding is an industry that is very useful in the world today. Most products manufactured with this process are quite affordable and of good quality making life a bit easier especially those in marginalized societies.

For more about the best top 10 plastic injection molding manufacturers and companies in india,you can pay a visit to Djmolding at https://www.djmolding.com/here-are-what-the-best-top-10-plastic-injection-moulding-companies-in-india-have-in-common/ for more info.